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NPS is the simplest and most accessible way to get customer feedback and to understand brand loyalty. You should use NPS wisely to make sure you can take action based on the results.

Find below a few ways to ensure your NPS survey collects the best and most actionable feedback possible.

Don't just collect NPS surveys, act!

If you're asking customers for feedback, but then not following up, you're losing the opportunity to spread Promoters' opinions to get more customers on board, to nudge Passives into the 9-10 range, and to recover Detractors who had a negative experience with your brand.

NPS is not just collecting feedback. You have to:

  1. Ask for feedback with Promoter Ninja's SMS or e-mail surveys.
  2. Receive feedback from your customers
  3. Follow up with customers / act on feedback

Once you follow-up with customers and act on their feedback, you’ve effectively closed the loop. Customers will feel happy because they've been heard, and your team will become more customer-centric as they act upon customer feedback provided by your NPS surveys.

In addition, the more you take action based on NPS results, the more your customers will provide feedback. They will be happy to give their opinion if they know you are paying attention to it.

Everybody understands NPS

One of the key benefits of NPS is that the survey and feedback are both super simple and easy-to-understand. Because of this simplicity, even people who aren’t directly involved with the survey process will understand it.

Integrate with Slack and send feedback into an NPS channel open to everybody. Create Customer Support tickets to follow-up with Detractors.

Connect NPS to other KPIs

Connecting NPS with other metrics and financial data can help drive more insight based on that customer feedback.

Consider taking individual NPS results and looking at each customer’s purchasing behavior over time (ex. when surveyed, 3 months later, 6 months later, etc.) This process will help you answer questions like:

  • Are Promoters retained at a higher rate than Passives and Detractors?
  • Do Promoters purchase more over time?
  • Do Detractors purchase less over time?

The answers to questions similar to those can help determine the long-term value of moving more folks from Detractor and Passive groups into the Promoter range.